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Main Course Vegetarian

Malabari Pachakari Kurma

Vegetables simmered in a thick spicy coconut based gravy

Kummu Curry

Mushrooms cooked In coconut paste spices and kachampuli

Kuru curry

Hot and sour bean stew finished with coconut paste

Toppu Palya

Stir fried local spinach finished with scrapped coconut

Baimbale Kari

This bamboo shoot curry is a favourite with the kodavas. fresh bamboo shoot is usually enjoyed during monsoons, cooked with coconut and spices paste

Kodava Kanne

Toor dal tempering with mustard seeds and curry leaves

Thoran of the day

Chopped seasonal vegetables and grated coconut cooked together and tempered

Vembanad Coastal Cuisine Restaurant - Coorg Wilderness Resort