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For bookings or queries, reach us at
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How to spend your day at Coorg

Coorg Wilderness Resort boasts many attractions alongside a luxuriant and relaxing stay, to ensure a wholesome experience of all that the exotic destination has to offer.

How to spend your day at Coorg

Resort activities in Karnataka are of a wide range, each of which ensures an unforgettable experience. Coorg Wilderness Resort offers in-house field activities such as trekking through the scenic hills of Coorg, nature walks as well as indulgent experiences such as coffee tastings and bird watching, along with the beautiful sights at the Sunset Point to wrap up your day in incredible views.

The resort offers guides to lead guests through each, always ready to answer questions and provide them with deep insight to all the surroundings. From the beginning of your visit and to its end, you will be in enraptures with the best of recreational activities curated for you to enjoy.

How to spend your day at Coorg

Coorg Wilderness Resort is also an arm’s length away from some of the best destinations in Coorg.

Treat the nature lover in you to a visit to a short drive to Telavauvery, where the great Kaveri river is said to originate from the Brahmagiri Hills. The Talakaveri Temple is also a beautiful sight to see as well as being a holy place for Hindus.

The Elephant Camp at Dubare allows you to meet the gentle giants on the banks of the Kaveri in Kodagu. At the camp, you can explore various activities such as trekking, sightseeing and, of course, spending the day with elephants and other exotic fauna that roam the forests. The best of sights includes spotted deer, tigers, and even crocodiles floating in the waters of the river!

The Tibetan Golden Temple of Bylakuppe is just 20 minutes away from Coorg Wilderness Resort, an area that is home to the second largest Tibetan settlement in the world. The renounced temple is known for its golden resplendence and sense of peace it offers to those who visit its sacred grounds.

How to spend your day at Coorg

The Raja’s Seat (Seat of the King), a beautiful garden filled with flowers and fountains, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Madikeri, along with the Madikeri Fort. Also called the Mercara Fort, the majestic structure was first built in the 17th century and boasts the history of the lives, rises, and falls of the dynasties that ruled the area.

Another sight worth seeing can be beheld upon visiting the Abbey Falls. The majestic waterfall traces the hillside and is situated admits both spice and coffee plantations, thus offering both sights and smells that will entrance you. Be sure to go spice shopping to take home some exotic flavours of Coorg at the end of your visit, and certainly take home some of Coorg’s world-famous coffee for some delectable morning drinks.

How to spend your day at Coorg

Coorg is the most popular destination for a relaxing and yet adventurous getaway, especially for those looking to escape the bustle of the city of Bangalore. Coorg Wilderness Resort allows you to explore both the activities and the wilderness of Coorg while also indulging yourself in unmatched luxury. The property is intrinsically woven into its surroundings, leveraging the best of the wild and that of modernity.

With a wide range of activities to explore and being a stone’s throw from some of the most famous and breath-taking destinations in Madikeri, Coorg Wilderness Resort offers the very best of Coorg to all who yearn for the touch of nature.